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Which turbo should I get?

Posted by wret, Nov 7, 2007

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  1. wret

    wret Proven Member

    Joined Jul 3, 2003
    Bel Air, Maryland
    Which turbo should I get?

    This is one of the most frequent questions asked on the site. Before you ask, do some research. Learn to understand compressor maps. Read this tech article.

    Of course, all of us need some help tipping the balance one way or the other sometimes. If you can't decide on the better of two or more turbos for your mods and goals, add your question to
    this thread.

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  2. RadDsm

    RadDsm Proven Member

    Joined Apr 28, 2008
    Tigard, Oregon
    Found this on another forum.

    14b = 30 lb/min
    16g = 34lb/min
    Big 16g = 36lb/min
    18g = 40lb/min
    EVO III Big 16g = 42lb/min
    20g = 44lb/min

    Forced Performance:
    Big28 = 37lb/min
    FP2544 = 44lb/min (56trim/ dual BB)
    Sleeper 16g = 44lb/min
    Green = 49lb/min (50 trim)
    FP49 = 49lb/min (50 trim, T31 turbine)
    Red = 60lb/min (60-1 trim, dyno 520whp)
    FP3052 = 52lb/min (dyno 504whp)
    FP3065 = 65lb/min (dyno 585whp)
    FP58 = 65lb/min (GT40 56 trim comp. wheel, .49A/R PTE, T350 turbine)

    T28 = 36lb/min (TB03 compressor)
    RS43 = 43lb/min (46 trim T04E)
    SS44 = 44lb/min (It is a 44lb/min but not a 48trim. It is not a GT30 at all. It's special, topsecret, Kevin)
    RS49 = 49lb/min (50 trim T04E)
    RS60 = 60lb/min (60-1 trim) (claimed 534whp)
    RS65 = 65lb/min (56 trim GT40)

    DSM Performance/Extreme Turbo:
    ETA12 = 36lb/min (S-trim, ETA comp housing)
    ETA32 = 48lb/min (50 trim, ETA comp housing)
    ETE32 = 48lb/min (50 trim, T04E comp housing)
    ETE42 = 50lb/min (60 trim, TO4E)
    ETE52 = 55lb/min (60-1 trim, TO4E)
    ETE53 = 55lb/min (60-1 trim, T04E)
    ETE73 = 72lb/min (T66 comp wheel, T04E)

    Buschur Racing:
    BR-BIG28 = (claimed 350hp)
    BR20G = (TD05/6 hybrid)
    BR475 = (No info as of yet)
    BR57 = (Garrett T3/T4)
    BR500 = (claimed 504whp)
    BR580 = (claimed 575whp)
    BR675 = (No info as of yet)

    Slowboy Racing:
    SBR-M50 = 48lb/min (50 trim)
    SBR-M60 = 60lb/min (60-1 trim)
    SBR-GT10 = 44lb/min (48 trim, dual BB)
    SBR-GT11 = (No info as of yet)
    SBR-GT12 = 55lb/min (56 trim, dual BB)
    SBR-GT13 = 60lb/min (60 trim, dual BB)
    SBR-GT14 = 65lb/min (56 trim, dual BB)
    SBR-GT35R = (No info as of yet)
    SBR-GT30R = (No info as of yet)
    SBR-G50 = 48lb/min (50 trim, T04E)
    SBR-G57 = 55lb/min (56 trim, T04E)
    SBR-60-1 = 60lb/min (60-1 trim, T04E)

    Frankenstein Turbos:
    Frank 1 = 46 trim, 20*clipped TD05H turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 2 = 46 trim, unclipped TD06 turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 50 = 50 trim, unclipped TD06 turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 3 = 54 trim, unclipped TD06 turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 57 = 57 trim, unclipped TD06 turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 4 = 60 trim, 10*clipped TD06 turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 5 = 60 trim, unclipped TD06H turbine, TD05H 7cm2 housing
    Frank 6 = 60 trim, unclipped TD06H turbine, TD05H 8cm2 housing
    Frank 7 = 60 trim, 10*clipped TD06H turbine, TD05H 8cm2 housing

    The following is from the Garrett Catalog:
    "R" = Ball bearing; "S" = Special

    GT12 = 10lb/min (50trim, .43a/r turbine)
    GT15 = 15lb/min (60trim, .35a/r turbine)
    GT20 = 20lb/min (55trim, .46a/r turbine)
    GT22 = 18=22lb/min (52trim, .56a/r or 60trim, .67a/r turbine)
    GT25R = 22lb/min (60trim, .64a/r turbine)
    GT28R =24lb/min (60trim, .64a/r turbine)
    GT28RS =28lb/min (62trim, .86a/r or .64a/r turbine)
    GT30R =55lb/min (56trim, 1.06a/r or .82a/r turbine)
    GT32 =35lb/min (52trim, .78a/r or .69a/r turbine)
    GT35 = 35lb/min (52trim, 1.18a/r turbine)
    GT35R =45lb/min (56trim, 1.06a/r or .82a/r turbine)
    GT37 = 36lb/min (52trim, 1.12a/r turbine)
    GT40 = 65lb/min (50 or 54trim, .94a/r or 1.34a/r turbine)
    GT42 = 75lb/min
    GT42-1 = 85lb/min
    GT42-2 = 96lb/min
    GT60 = 125lb/min (56trim, 1.47a/r turbine)

    The following is from Turbonetics Catalog:

    On TO4E Compressor housings:
    50-trim = 47lbs/min
    54-trim = 45lbs/min
    57-trim = 49lbs/min
    60-trim = 50lbs/min
    T-100 = 180lbs/min

    TO4B compressor housing:
    60-1 = 65lbs/min
    62-1 = 70lbs/min
    Turbine Conversion:

    Mitsu = Garrett
    6cm2 = .41 a/r
    7cm2 = .49 a/r
    8cm2 = .57 a/r
    9cm2 = .65 a/r
    10cm2 = .73 a/r
    11cm2 = .81 a/r
    12cm2 = .89 a/r

    ((CM x 8) - 7) / 100 = a/r ratio
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