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  1. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan

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  2. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan
    Update: After a very aggressive learning curve, and trying to fight every step of the way on this car for several months I no longer had the time or space to deal with it on my own. I had tried chasing electrical problem after problem. PTU's, Coil Packs, Plug Wires, Plugs, etc.

    I originally bought the car under the assumption it would only need a tune and larger injectors once on ECMLink, fair enough. ( This was far before I knew what I was getting into. ) The car itself had a lot of quality parts inside the motor and out that could have made for a very solid setup. After dealing with a hacked up wiring harness, rust, a garbage interior, and quite frankly too many issues. I am going to be swapping the heart of this car into a much cleaner shell, I am pretty sure I have decide which I am going to. Nonetheless I will provide a little bit of backstory.

    As mentioned before I had gone in way over my head with the car, as this is my first and I really did not know all that much about it. I spent around a year trying to get everything dialed in but each time I thought I finally found the issue it just led to another.

    My family was no longer content with my car taking up the garage space and out into the yard it went, which is no place for the jackstands this car belongs on. So I reached out to a fairly reputable tuner that is 'somewhat' local to me in order to chase down the electrical issues, fix a few oil leaks, and get the car on the dyno. I was originally quoted $800, all said and done with a list I had given them of what I wanted done. I was told it would take about a week, I set up a date for my car to be trailered to the shop, it was all set up to go smoothly. Two months later after bickering with the shop not receiving much of any communication and getting tossed around I finally get a video of my car on the dyno making 323 WHP and around 270 TQ which I was ecstatic about, not due to the numbers but due to the fact that I was now the owner of a running, boosting, driving DSM. Later that week I went to pickup my car only to receive a $1200 bill and to see not all the work was done, and some of the work done was sub-par at best.

    The transmission was howling quite bad and I was told by the shop it should be just fine to make the drive back home, it did not. I lost 3rd and 4th about 1.5 hours into the drive, and then lost the rest of my gears 1 mile from my house. Funny thing, earlier that same day I bought a transmission from 2gmitsueclipse, another member on the forums with a Quaife LSD and low mileage. Lucky me.

    The part that did not sit well with me was the fact that when we finally got around to swapping the transmission in, I found multiple issues, there was no fluid in the transmission, and there was still a fairly large oil leak around the pan. I had sent down a spare transmission in the hatch of the car along with 3 quarts of OEM Mitsu Transmission Fluid, which led me to raise an eyebrow towards the shop that claimed nothing was leaking.

    Nonetheless, we had to move on with the project. Finally we had swapped the trans in and everything seemed fine and dandy, nope. We were installing the battery and of course the tie-down ends up touching the positive terminal and sparking, which led to a world of issues that I still cannot seem to resolve.

    Now upon trying to start the car I do not get fuel pressure, spark, or fuel (obviously). I cannot connect to my ECU as it does not seem to have power to several pins, along with the fusebox also not receiving power. All of my fuses and relays appear to be in good condition which is what is throwing me off. If this is something anyone has experienced, I would love to hear some advice!
  3. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan
    Many, many, hours and new circumstances later. The car is finally getting an update. Unfortunately it has been sold to another DSMer here by the name of PLDSM, primary reason for selling being that I will be moving, but I keep close ties with the car and now that it's in a better location solid progress can be made.

    To start we sold the built motor, ecu, turbo, etc. ( Really regretting selling the turbo now that we kind of need it, unfortunately. )

    After pulling the motor we noticed the people that had helped me swap the trans caught the wiring harness under a motor mount completely crushed it and was likely the reason it would not start for a month or two.


    Super lame, but I had already received a new harness from Miller Import Parts, so that was sorted.

    New parts arrived being the following: Poly Motor Mounts, BSFab 3.0" Tear Drop Side Exit, 98,99 Split Thrust Motor, Southbend Flywheel from Tim Zimmer, Untouched Harness, FP Intake, and lots of refreshing of old crusty parts are going to be put in with the overhaul of the car. After finding gremlin after gremlin from previous owners the car is better off receiving new life.

    Began tearing down the engine bay after pulling the motor to reveal wonderful bondo hidden rust "repair" from the previous owner, taken with a grain of salt, nothing that can't be fixed.

    Expected Engine Bay:


    Process undergone before showcasing the "gold".





    Now that most of the gunk was removed on to the actual process of the car getting the love it deserves.

    New front clip with towers, rust free $100, not a bad pickup. Props to PLDSM for that.





    Now that most of the engine bay work has been done in terms of physical shaping, minus small touches that will be addressed onto the donor motor. 98-99 Split Thrust 7 Bolt, Stock Internals, ARP Head Studs, Fresh Timing, only 70,000 miles, will be paired up with a 70,000 mile transmission w/ a Quaife I picked up from a local guy that runs Mustache Motorsports. Super cool dude.

    Parts begin undergoing the process from crusty, to not crusty.






    Many hours later, parts are starting to look new, the overhaul is looking pretty sick. Although there is still a ton more to do. The following pictures are currently how the car sits, still deciding on what color he wants to paint the bay can't decide between OEM P75 or Gloss Black, decisions.. decisions..



    Another update should follow shortly, we have many new parts to still put on this car that will be posted in the coming weeks. Until then we cross our fingers for a warm enough weekend to heat the garage to paint-friendly temp.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019 at 6:11 PM
  4. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan
    Last coat of primer is on. Some more prep work and the bay gets sprayed.

    Was a toss up between Gloss Black and a color matched P75 bay, pretty happy based on the results of the match, hoping the quality of the paint transfers over to the bay well. Fingers crossed.

    50280468_349870485851161_3835347869104078848_n (1).jpg

  5. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan



    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 12, 2019 at 6:10 PM
  6. Techn0Nut1996

    Techn0Nut1996 Proven Member

    Joined Jan 20, 2017
    Ames, Iowa
    I love to see people working on these cars and doing it right! Keep up the good work! Also, best color ever!
    Rekadae likes this.
  7. Rekadae

    Rekadae Supporting Member

    Joined Jul 14, 2017
    Lapeer, Michigan
    + Evo 8 Enkeis
    + Brake Booster w/ Slave
    + Fusebox
    +Stainless Steel Brake Lines w/ Clutch Line

    Bit more progress on the car since the last post. Mostly waiting on turbo decisions and warmer weather at this point, nonetheless progress is still being made.

    50418354_2740422099517177_5631681918765367296_n (1).jpg





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